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Value propositions for WEEE

With the increase of electronic waste appliances in Madagascar Vohitra has developed a WEEE treatment process.

Our Process :

1 – Collection : selective collection
2 – Storage : with a view to recovering
3 – Decontamination : if necessary
4 – Dismantling: separation / sorting and crushing
5 – Recovering : saleable raw materials, polluting agents to be specifically processed.

Recyclable raw materials stemmed from a dismantling are components such as metals, plastics, … These raw materials are then taken by recycling specialists.
Other non-recyclable components are incinerated and the ashes are used for composting via bio-remediation in order to regenerate eroded soil. Note that this type of compost is not intended for the fertilization of land which supplies food like Zina’compost.

EDUCMAD organization (Media Project at Madagascar) is our current partner for WEEE and ONE (National Environment Agency) purposely issued for Vohitra’s site an environmental permit for waste treating.

The scope of Vohitra includes the recycling of computers and peripherals at end of life (electrical appliances, audio-visual equipments, lighting, electrical and electronic accessories, etc … )


Our services

Vohitra assists you in recycling your computer equipments at end of life. For this, thank you for  specifying the quantitative information of your electrical waste  equipments, electronic appliances by completing our inquiry form.

Do you have waste electrical and electronic that overstock you ? We have the solution. We are at your disposal to put a tailored treatment plan.
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