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 Vohitra’Compost Composting

Composting tray to sort and package the different elements obtained from the collection with sorting at source. This allows us to recycle or upgrade various waste collected.
Composting box eliminates :

  • • waste treatment of slaughterhouses ;
  • sawmill waste ;
  • green waste.

We get a value-added product through the daily monitoring of composting. The preliminary analyzes of inputs and finished product are programmed according to standard NFU 44-095. This process allows Vohitra to produce a high quality compost that is the Vohitra’Compost.

Vohitra’Compost, a plant organic amendment

Vohitra’Compost can improve the structure and fertility of the soil. It corrects arid soil by buffering effect.

It gradually provides the nutrients assimilable to plants.

The dark color of Vohitra’Compost increases the absorption of solar radiations which leads to a good warming of the soil.

Using Vohitra’Compost increases the formation of clay-humic aggregate that regulates the retention of the water within the soil. It also facilitates roots penetration.

Vohitra’Compost also contains microorganisms which limit the development of pathogenic germs in the soil and on the plants.

Using Vohitra’Compost

Vohitra’Compost can be used for any type of crop.
The amount depends on the type of soil and growing nutrient needs.

*Land already worked :

– Vegetable, rice, corn, grass, pasture, flower : Mix 2cm of Vohitra’Compost with plowed soil.

– Tree : 1/3 of Vohitra’Compost + 2/3 of soil per foot.

*Virgin land :

– Vegetable, rice, corn, grass, pasture, flower :
Mix 3cm of Vohitra’Compost to mix with soil plowed. Leave to stand for 3 days.

– Tree :
2/3 of Vohitra’Compost + 1/3 of soil per foot. Water every day. After 15 days add 2cm of Vohitra’Compost around each foot. Water for 1 ½ months.