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Industrial Waste

Vohitra SARL provides industries with adapted service for treating their industrial waste. Our recommendation to our client is to do simple sorting at source. The sorting platform on our site categorizes the collected waste to adapt treatment according to their types.

Process and industrial waste

Process waste treating is specific according to the type of waste. Our waste management plan begins with a sorting out. Sorting out permits the classification of waste. It also determines the appropriate treating.

Inorganic process waste which requires complete destruction is incinerated to prevent its reuse. Other waste types are ground to reduce volume. This allows :

• either their bagging in order to be recycled as raw material in a production process,
• either to facilitate incineration
• either to accelerate its composting.

Composting sludge generated by purification plants

Composting  is a biological process for the recovery of organic materials into a stabilized product rich in humic compounds called compost. Moreover compost is a very good organic soil that will be used to improve the biological life of the soil and to fertilize crops.

This compost is produced by the fermentation of waste in the presence of oxygen. In nature, the process takes place over several years. Industrial composting is to replicate this biological process, accelerating it.
Compost can be produced from organic waste from agriculture, forestry, livestock, agro-food industry, maintenance of green spaces. It is also produced from a mixture of organic sludge with other materials such as green waste or barks.
After the sorting out, sludge is used for production of compost according to standard NFU 44 095. Sludge coming from purification plants are mixed with green waste. Respecting the requirement of effectiveness, safety, tracking and tracing, composts obtained will be for reforestation. This will facilitate the tracking and the tracing of waste entrusted to Vohitra.


Cumbersome are usually crushed and, depending on material or composted or bagged in seen to be recycled or incinerated.