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 Vohitra Environnement

Since its creation in 2005, Vohitra’s team has adapted to environmental and economic context in Madagascar about waste treatment. After dealing with the requests of Antananarivo township surroundings, Vohitra continued to develop the process of industrial waste among the SME/SMI. Today Vohitra activities focus on:

  •  Incineration of confidential and sensitive products with complete filtration of fumes and exploitation of calorific produced energy ;
  • Transformation of degradable organic materials into compost, used for reforestation to revitalize eroded soils ;
  • Dismantling and urban mining of WEEE (Waste Electrical and  Electronic Equipment) ;
  • Treatment of all hazardous waste pollutants by neutralization and transformation into inert material ;
  • Research about energy recovery of hydrocarbon waste ;
  • Storage all kind of tools and small equipment at the end of life,  waiting for optimum quantity to develop an effective recycling system.

With its strong experience abroad and in Madagascar, our versatile team meets your needs by offering you adapted solutions to your local economy while preserving the environment. Our site at Ambolotara-Mahatsinjo, in the Analamanga region, is composed of different platforms for the treatment of different types of waste. Secure and constantly monitored, it respects the MECIE decree and has authorization delivered by ONE (Office National de l’Environnement) to process and store wastes.

Our mission

Offer solutions on waste treatment adapted to the local situation,
while preserving environment and human heath.

Ensure traceability of waste until their final elimination.

Our staff

Fondateur – DAF

Rodin Rasamimanana

Fondateur – Gérant

Rakotoarison Herinjanahary

Fondatrice – Directrice technique

Rasamimanana-Rakotoarison Faravololona